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Regional Timeline
The Rise and Fall of Tyrrhenia

10th Century BCE

9th Century BCE

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3rd Century BCE

21st Century CE

Fleeing east, the Yallakian people land on the west coast of the Mediterranican continent and establish a settlement.

The Rodarion Kingdoms of Galeria, Daserion, Targaron, Opada, Lurtaran and Catheron are formed in north-east Mediterranica.

A vast canvas of bronze-age city-states begins to appear around the various river confluences and branches that web the Empirian territory in central-western Levantia.

A seafaring people, the Poniti, land at the now called Argent Isles in southern Mediterranica and form an alliance with a local people, the Riotii, settling in their city.

A series of political alliances and forceful annexations by the Poniti/Riotii alliance creates the Ponetian Kingdom.

The Aschen, Hiber, Gresto and Ossur peoples arrive in central Tyrrhenia, settling in eastern Mediterranica and Western Mednordia.

The Mediterranican Union (MU) is formed during a regional summit held in Nuevo Italia, its charter regulating policies from border relaxation to standardized military munitions, with the intention of uniting the nations of Tyrrhenia economically, socially and militarily.

A second summit is called to address concerns that the MU is collapsing, citing problems with 'Partial membership', adoption of MU Policies and inadequate support for members suffering under internal crisis. The nations in attendance (Aschenhyrst, British Londinium, West Ponente, Olmedreca and Yallak) redesign the MU charter, transforming it into an alliance for mutual protection and co-operation rather than an attempt to unite the region into a singular entity.

The Mediterranican Union Flag

Most of Tyrrhenia rejoins the revitalized MU and the alliance flourishes, having gained in a few months such stature and power that it is soon ruling Tyrrhenia de jure.

A new city is built on the coast of the Mediterranican continent, named the Mediterranican Union International Zone (MUIZ), to serve as the MU's administrative capital.

A series of internal disputes and the participation of some MU nations in extra-regional alliances that other MU nations opposed begin to create tension in MU. Several nations eventually withdraw from the alliance while those that remain become distanced. The effectiveness of the MU is greatly diminished.

A collection of nations from Gholgoth, supported by Greston and Yallak, members of the Vorgothic Pact, invaded Tyrrhenia. The exact reasons for the invasion are unknown. Led by Waldenburg, the Tyrrhenian Coalition forms to defend the region from the invaders and 'traitors'.

In response to Yallak failure to abandon the Vorgothic Pact and join the Tyrrhenian Coalition, the Waldenburger Catholic Church demands the ritual suicide of the Yallakian Emperor.

Yallak seizes the MUIZ, capturing the MU Council in its chambers, numerous regional delegates as well as valuable intelligence and documents from raiding the Waldenburger offices.

A skirmish brakes out between Aschenhyrst and Waldenburg over the Chausey Islands. 

Yallakian forces launch an amphibous assualt against the Waldenburger city of Pondderborg.

Gothic Forces commence an attack on the Waldenburg capital by sea. Bombardments cause great damage and loss of life but the attackers suffer heavy losses themselves from hidden mines released from the sea bed among their fleets.

While the bulk of the Gothic forces are marshalling in Greston at Mont-du-Plame, Grestonian forces betray their allies by conducting a full scale artillery barrage against their camps and depots. Gothic forces recover quickly and begin an immediate counter-attack. Both sides suffer extreme casualties.

A tenuous peace is brokered to end 'The Grand Alliance War' and the Gothic forces withdraw from Tyrrhenia.

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The Mediterranican Union is reborn for the third time, not as a regional entity but instead as an alliance between Yallak, Aschenhyrst and Rodarion.

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