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Applying to Tyrrhenia

About Us

  1. What is this place?

    Tyrrhenia is one of the oldest, largest and most respected role-play regions on NationStates, having been founded back in 2007. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t happy to welcome new players!

  2. What is the community like?

    Tyrrhenia has a strong community of friendly and co-operative players who are easy and fun to RP with, whether as a friend or hated foe. We have a focus on intertwined and consistent regional history and prefer story-based RP over 'techwank' or 'winning'.  

  3. What are you chaps like, then?

    In short, lovely. Our members pride themselves on being friendly, talented and enthusiastic. Tyrrhenian members have, since the regions inception, developed a long and complex political, religious and cultural history (from basic anthropology to the current, seemingly unending, War of the Waldenburger Succession). Additions and alterations to our chronology are constantly on-going, and we are generally quite good at swallowing our pride to let imaginative changes happen.

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The Region

  1. So how talented do I have to be to get in?

    Well, we have a lot of absolutely top talents in the region, widely recognised  as some of the best on NS, but the majority of members are ordinary joes. We look for effort and creativity more than talent, indeed we even have a member who doesn’t speak fluent English, but of course having a decent level of literacy and grammar is preferred.

  2. Do you have a map?

    Naturally! It's a marvelous peice of work created by Fictions.

  3. Who is in charge?

    We’re a consensus based government, where decisions are all made democratically by the membership on an ad hoc basis (nothing much changes, us old fogies are generally content with the status quo). Yallak is the organiser and general do-er (also due to consensus, but I’m not sure any of us have enough balls to actually try and remove him...).

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Applying to Tyrrhenia

  1. Can I join?

    If you’ve got this far, and are still interested in applying, then most likely! Just fill out this application form.

    The membership debate and vote on your application, so it’s best to include as much detail as possible.

  2. Where can I find out more?

    You can check out the public sections of our regional forum. If that doesn't have what you're looking for then visit our IRC at #Tyrr on irc.esper.net or TG Yallak.


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